US Senate removes Trump’s veto on defense budget

This is the first time in four years that the US Senate, controlled by the Republicans, has violated the President’s veto.

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The US Congress this Friday 1-E was overturned by lawmakers as Donald Trump, in his last weeks as president of the White House, voted in favor of removing President Vito in the defense budget. One of his videos.

With more than 80 out of 100 senators voting to remove the veto, more than two-thirds of the required Senate-controlled Senate passed the $ 740.5 billion defense budget bill for fiscal 2021.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives already received 322 votes in favor of changing the veto on Monday and 87 votes in favor.

This veto promises that Trump will arrive in the last days of his presidency and raise tensions between the outgoing president and his party leaders in the Senate, with whom he has already confronted because most have already recognized Joe Biden as president-elect. , Something he does not accept.

Unprecedented veto in decades

Last week, Trump became the first president in 59 years to oppose the passage of a defense budget.

The president decided to veto the so-called National Security Accreditation Act for fiscal 2021 because, among other things, it restricts his ability to withdraw US troops from Germany, South Korea and Afghanistan, as he had previously promised.

In addition, the ruler opposed the law because it contained an arrangement to rename a dozen military bases named after the leaders of the Southern Confederation (1861-1865) in the Civil War, which were considered a racist symbol to represent those who defended slavery.

The President wanted to enact legislation to end what is known as Section 230, which protects Internet companies such as Twitter and Facebook from any legal consequences for third parties publishing on their websites.

The National Security Accreditation Act is used to fund Pentagon operations overseas, including pay rises for soldiers, funding for new military equipment, and medical care for troops.

They blocked the increase in aid to citizens

Tensions between Trump and Republican leaders in the Senate have risen as a result of the president’s five-day delay in signing a new stimulus plan for the epidemic and his demand for an increase in direct payments from $ 600 to $ 2,000. Citizens are included in that law.

For the fourth day in a row following Republican leaders in the Senate this Friday 1-E, Democrats sought to increase the size of these direct transfers to taxpayers with an annual income of less than $ 75,000.

That is, the initiative already approved by the lower house last Monday will not go ahead for the time being, and in any case it will have to be considered and re-voted when it emerges from a new congress as of Sunday, January 3rd. November elections.

“(Recognizing that change) would be socialist for the rich,” Republican leader Mitch McConnell said in a speech to the Senate this Friday in the 1-E Senate.

Americans who meet the rental conditions will instead pay $ 600 a lump sum as envisioned in the stimulus plan approved in December.

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