We are witnessing the biggest fraud in history

We are witnessing the biggest fraud in history

Netanyahu said yesterday that there is a newly formed Israeli alliance “Biggest election fraud” That said the result was.

Israel’s future prime minister, nationalist Naphtali Bennett, has called on Netanyahu not to leave any trace. “Allowed to form government” He insisted on accepting. In his speech, Bennett said, “Let the country move forward. Mr. Netanyahu, do not leave any rubbish. The nation, we all want to remember you for the good work you did during your tenure.”

“The biggest election fraud in the country’s history”

Netanyahu’s allegations; He focused on promises that Bennett would not run in the campaign, promising not to ally with the Left, the Center and the Arab parties.

Netanyahu targeted MPs from the right-wing Likud party “In my opinion, we are witnessing the biggest electoral fraud in the history of democracy and the country.” Said.

The 12-year period will end

Following Israeli elections on March 23, President Reuven Rivlin appointed Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a coalition government.

Netanyahu re-employed Rivlin on May 4 because he could not find enough support to form a government. Thereafter, Rivlin gave the order to form a coalition government on May 5 to Netanyahu’s rival, Yash Adidas, the leader of the party, Yer Lapid.

Lapid agreed to form a coalition government with 7 opposition parties.

The coalition government, which is removing Netanyahu from his seat, must take a pledge of confidence in parliament by June 14.

The Netanyahu era, which has been Israel’s prime minister since March 2009, will end if the coalition government led by Yamina (right) leader Naphtali Bennett-Lapid receives a vote of confidence from parliament within a specified time.

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