Nomlandland, by Chloe Zhao: Review and Trailers

Nomlandland, by Chloe Zhao: Review and Trailers

Written by Laurent P., Carolyn J., Julie M. Released June 7, 2021 at 10:05 p.m. Updated June 7, 2021 at 10:05 p.m.

From June 9, 2021, fans of the best cinema will be heading to the theaters to discover Chloe Zhao’s film Nomtland. Image presented at the Golden Globes and the Oscars 2021. Trailers!

Then “Things my brothers taught me“And”The Rider“, An American director of Chinese descent Chloe Zhao Is releasing his new film. Entitled “Nomlandland“, The film won on September 12, 2020 Lion D’Or To Venice show. The special film was also crowned Best Drama Film To Golden Globes 2021, Won at the same time Best Director Award. As well as 3 Oscar Best Picture 2021 Including.

Described as a sad road trip, “Nomlandland“Gives us a dive into the world”From residents“(“Caravan people“). Behind this word that is now widespread, Americans are doing odd jobs, hiding the fact that they live in their modified vehicle. Chloe Zhao He toured seven different states across the United States for five months. The director invited many non-professional but real actors. “From residents“.

For the rest of the cast, Chloe Zhao Chosen to stage the talented actress Francis McDormand (“Barco“,”Burn after reading“,”3 billboards, revenge panels“…). He plays the role of Fern, a woman who lost everything in her sixties, and decides to embark on a journey through the American West.

Summary :
After losing everything during the Great Recession, a 60-year-old man embarks on a journey through the American West and lives like a modern nomad.

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Nomadland is a small room in the face of cinema, as we rarely see, simple and true, without fuss and without artwork. Moving photographs in particular reveal all the beauties of the American landscape. Because this is the number one property of the film: these landscapes are filmed in one wide shot and show the character of Fern, played by France McDormand, the smallest of these vast expanses. “Van Dowellers” is a landscape that contradicts the community, reinforcing their isolation from the world and their isolation, running throughout the film.

Here, there is no curly or fancy story. At the center of this nomadic community is Chloe Zhao who portrays herself as an anthropologist, an audience through her camera and an actress in a way, through the performance of Francis McDormand. A real depressing road trip, real in the treatment of its subject … and full of hope. Not just a girl’s story, but free. Cinema attraction of the week!

Trailer 1 :

Trailer 2:

The film is screened anywhere near my home Nomlandland ?

In France, “Nomlandland“It is scheduled to air in theaters on June 9, 2021.

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