K-pop singer Sunga tests positive in favor of Govit-19

K-pop singer Sunga tests positive in favor of Govit-19

South Korean idol Sunga is confirmed to be with his company MNH Entertainment Covid 19 virus.

The K-pop solo artist is said to have isolated himself after his test turned out to be positive, and has postponed all his work projects.

“Our artist, Sunga, tested positive for Kovit-19. She found out that she had been in contact with a confirmed patient and had been spontaneously examined. Her results came out on December 7. She immediately isolated herself and took the necessary steps as instructed by the health authorities. The company said in a statement on Sunga’s official fan cafe.

The 24-year-old worked on his first full album Guernsey Scheduled for release on January 4, 2021. He started releasing his new solo X, On December 10th.

The company has not updated anything on changes to these release dates.

Meanwhile, a former member of the IOI, a group of South Korean women who disbanded in 2017, posted a message on the same site telling her fans (known as ByelHurang) not to worry and to take extra care of themselves.

He wrote: “Our BailHarang, I will leave this post if you are very worried if I do not say anything. Excuse me. I tried to be careful, but I think it was not enough … I will be back in good health again!”

“Be careful with our piles too! Don’t worry too much, see you soon !! Again, I’m sorry.”

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