Big bed for long distance sleepers inside Kylie Jenner’s 72 million private jet

Big bed for long distance sleepers inside Kylie Jenner's 72 million private jet

Kylie Jenner He truly lives a life of complete luxury with his own private jet.

The Continuing with the Kardashians The star and make-up mogul can fly around the world with his famous family and friends, whenever he wants it, thanks to his Kylie Air Jet flight.

The plane is said to have returned $ 23 million to the 23-year-old.

But of course, it was not a big expense for someone who was temporarily a millionaire.

Daughter Stormy, two, Kylie, who shares with former Travis Scott, once had her Jet Jet repainted with her skin care brand Kylie skin logo.

Inside, the jet is a picture of pure luxury and subtlety.

Kylie really lives a life of luxury

Leather seats are more comfortable than the usual seats you see on a business plane.

There is no crowded leg room and no arguments about tilting your front seats on Kylie’s plane.

There are about 10 seats in this project and there are plenty of places for Kylie’s friends to join her on trips around the world.

His private jet is said to have cost him $ 73 million

There is plenty of foot room on board

She did not serve your regular air meal.

With the tables folded, luxurious tableware is set up and ready for three study meals for travelers.

Kylie’s plane also features a living area with a comfortable looking sofa set in front of a large screen TV.

If things get a little too much on the long-haul plane, Kylie can head back to the bedroom.

Fans expect Stormy to borrow for trips with his teammates

Kylie can take her family and friends anywhere

Although most of us are lucky enough to sit with our eyes closed for a few minutes in our air seats, Kylie has a full-size double bed to take a nap.

The bedroom is bigger than some people have in their homes.

Covered with a bed, comfortable pillows and fur blankets, Kylie has a bookcase filled with her favorite readings, and it looks like a suite bathroom.

Chloe has definitely been on the Kylie Air ship

There is a living room on the plane …

Images shared Instagram According to the Kardashian fan, people could not get it.

One suggested that Stormy would soon borrow his mom’s jet to take his mate on fancy nights.

They commented: “When Stormy was a teenager: ‘Mom, can I use a jet this weekend? My friends and I want to go to Paris tonight.'”

And a bedroom!

There are about 10 seats on board

Others suggested that Kylie had more money.

One wrote: “No one needs this much money in their lifetime.”

Another posted: “God I want to be rich”

“It’s so extra,” one suggested.

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