Netanyahu loses power after 12 years. He talks about “the biggest fraud in the history of democracy” World News

Netanyahu loses power after 12 years.  He talks about "the biggest fraud in the history of democracy"  World News

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We are witness to “the biggest electoral fraud in the history of this country, in my opinion in the history of democracy” – Jack Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel commented on the latest decision Elections It is also true that the opposition has formed a coalition to seize power for him.

At a meeting of his party members on Sunday, Likud said he would form a coalition rz ± du Opposition is an “attack on democracy,” he saysHarretz“.

Bennett urged Netanyahu not to block the formation of a new government and to “let Israel move forward.” He denounced the “brutal machine” that was to be launched against members of parliament in his Yamina party, “breaking them” and inciting them to vote against the new coalition. Two of Yamina’s MPs received extra protection last week.

Writing for the Israeli newspaper, Ambassador Alan Pingas estimated that Netanyahu had copied Donald Trump in recent years and has now reached the version of the attack on the Capitol on January 6 (when Trump supporters attacked parliament, he acknowledged the results he had lost in the elections).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party won a majority in the March election but failed to form a majority government. Netanyahu has been prime minister since 2009. In recent years, many more elections have been held due to the inability of him and the opposition to form a coalition.

The end of the Netanyahu era

A new alliance has been formed From right-wing and left-wing parties and from the Israeli Arab League. In the first term, Yamina Naphtali Bennett (formerly Netanyahu’s ally) will be the prime minister of the right-wing party, which will replace him in 2023 – the leader of the centrists Yer Lapid. Lapidet promised that the government would act in the service of all Israeli citizens – those who voted for the coalition parties and their opponents. He stressed that politicians want to unite and unite all sections of Israeli society.

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Negotiations on a deal with Israeli Arab leader Mansour Abbas have been difficult and contentious, but the most important thing is to finalize the negotiations. He said the agreement contained several elements for the benefit of the Arab community.

The government needs a referendum to take the oath President. The coalition needs the support of a majority of 120 parliamentarians. Currently, all eight parties in the new coalition have 62 seats on the net. Parliamentary support is uncertain Representatives Yamins announced Wednesday that he could vote against her. The new coalition wants a confidence vote to be held soon.

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