Moderna, its French boss and Swiss investors targeted the moon - how it got there!

Moderna, its French boss and Swiss investors targeted the moon – how it got there!

Moderna is the story of a crazy ambition: to trigger a new medical revolution with ambassador RNA. And a race for science, industrialization and money to achieve it. This is an American story, often led by Europeans (and Swiss), who have said they are still wary of danger. A story that highlights how times change.

Have you ever heard of “Genet”? In France, it is a nickname used to refer to the Saint-Geneva High School in Versailles, which is renowned for providing excellent products for the competitive exams of the Grand Prix in France. No more “internal”, you die. Suddenly, it may seem a little strange to place Stephen Bonsal, now the billionaire boss of Moderna, in the outsider’s section of Ambassador RNA. Since his background class was paramount in the globalized edition: Middle School, Harvard Business School and the young global leader of the Davos Forum. Still …

Yet Pancel is, in my humble opinion, a player in the role-flaming game of dungeons and dragons, the best creative school in the world. He’s a geek of the Apple generation. I suspect he lives in the American dream. At the age of 34, he left everything after five years to join a micro startup in Boston, after a dazzling career he saw as chairman of the Biomerix group in 2007 with a turnover of 6,000 employees and two billion euros. Area: Moderna. This was in 2011. Ten years later, everyone knows the name of the company that developed one of the first Govt vaccines. At the time, what was it modern?

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