McDonald’s: Top 8 Secrets Only Employees Know!

Mcdonald’s Top 8 des secrets que seuls les employés connaissent !

McDonald’s keeps its secrets well. Luckily all of the company’s employees are there to reveal to us! Without moderation!

McDonald has many mysteries. You will find out in this article 8 Secrets of American Business. In your scores, ready? Go!

McDonald’s: A bit of history

McDonald’s arrived in 1940. Since then the business has gone a long way. in the beginning, The brand is only a very small restaurant In San Bernardino, California. Today she is world famous.

Two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald Barbecue experts.

Eight years later, the brothers are falling apart In burgers, fries and milkshakes. But an encounter with Ray Croke will change the situation. He finds potential in their restaurant, so buys the franchise.

He throws The first McDonald’s known to us in Illinois was in 1955.

Today the company is more than that 38 000 fast food All over the world. This is really incredible!

Advertising Ban Project Student Sheen Aircampus
Advertising Ban Project Student Sheen Aircampus

8 Secrets Revealed!

1) You are allowed to order fried cheese, yes! A rumor ” Menu secret “Wrong. But you can order things that are not on the menu, Andy,” says one employee.

“I used to make a lot of fried cheese before this. However, this is a bit risky because Bun Toaster is not designed to build it. ” He told us then.

2) McDonald’s employees no longer want you to order salt-free fries. Because it forces the employee to open a new package.

You need to tell the staff if you want new fries!

3) Employees always pay close attention to the order of items in a row. ” In some cases, this can have a huge impact.

For example, The staff should place the cheese between layers of ground beef on a mackerel. If they do not, the cheese will not melt. ” Canada-based manager Sam explains.

4) The staff in the drive listens to everything that happens in the car. ” The speaker is activated by the metal in the car, so as soon as you walk towards our window, Which glows in our helmets.

We can hear everything, really everything. Music, but also those who scream at their children to be quiet ”

5) McDonald’s regular customers Become staff friends too. “We also have a lot of regulation coming into our room.

At least 75% of the customers who come daily know everyone by name and I would say we all know them. This makes things much sweeter and the service more personal. “

6) Some phone calls actually work cheat. « Sometimes people ask how to get Wendy. Lots of inappropriate jokes. Most are very bad ”

7) Jobs always suggest checking your order. ” We are human beings. So mistakes happen. We always feel so bad when this happens.

But when we serve more than 1000 people a day, it can happen. “

8) McDonald’s employees hate off food. ” The most annoying thing about sweet food is the people who collect them. I hate looking at toys when someone asks me to find something specific. “

So what do you think?