GE: Nuclear branch workers protest against job cuts

GE: Nuclear branch workers protest against job cuts

Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre gave a lengthy interview Eastern Republican Party. General Electric has done many duties for the state and its staff. They should be kept. I make sure they are strictly adhered to. I wrote to Larry Gulp, the chairman of General Electric last week, to let him know our expectations and to tell him that the French government, which guarantees these contracts, will ensure strict compliance with the obligations made by his company.Respondent Bruno Le Myre questioned the compliance with the agreements signed in 2014 and 2019, especially regarding the location of decision-making centers in Belfort. He is also waiting for investments in the production equipment, especially around hydrogen. In connection with the restructuring, the Minister of Economy shows his support for the McPhee factory installation project in the area; The entrepreneur must publish his final selection before the summer. The three areas are in balance. But if he settles in the northern French-Comte, McPhee will receive 10 million euros from the Maguire fund. Bruno Le Meire reaffirmed the government’s position on nuclear energy: “Nuclear power is a strategic force for national independence. When asked about the General Electric Atomic Energy Branch and the possibility of an acquisition affected by a major community project, the Minister replied: “We want a goal that is technically and industrially balanced.” Therefore, “the Minister affirms the repercussions surrounding the sovereign solution for the Arab turbines, which is at a perimeter to be determined.” Eastern Republican Party. “This is a very difficult financial, political and strategic choice, requiring many months of work and consultation to ensure that we have the right objective, the right funding and the right technical choices,” he adds. Announcements are scheduled by the end of the year.

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