20% Ethanol in Petrol .. Target 2025

20% Ethanol in Petrol .. Target 2025

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the process of using ethanol in petrol will be expedited with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and restricting trust in foreign oil imports. It has set a target of consuming 20 percent ethanol in gasoline by 2025. He spoke on the eve of World Environment Day and released a map of the federal government entitled Ethanol Additions.

Last year, the government had set a target of 2022 per cent for ethanol blending in petrol and 2030 per cent for 20 per cent blending. Currently 8.5 percent ethanol is added. In 2014 it was only 1 – 1.5 percent. Modi explained that the government has decided to mix 20 per cent ethanol by 2025, not before. He said oil companies spent Rs 21,000 crore on ethanol purchases last year.

Modi said the use of ethanol would not only benefit the environment but also bring more income to farmers. Earlier, the Prime Minister met several farmers. On this occasion they explained to the Prime Minister how their income has increased due to ethanol. “We are committed to climate change and renewable energy use,” Modi said. Ethanol is produced from sugarcane and wheat, rice and other agricultural wastes. It is used as an alternative source of income for farmers.

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