Android Introduces iOS Option: Users gain the ability to request that apps no longer follow them

Android Introduces iOS Option: Users gain the ability to request that apps no longer follow them

Google will allow apps to stop tracking just like Apple.

This application will be similarly implemented by Google for the Android operating system.

Bloomberg announced that Google is making the same option, which will prevent users from tracking not only the Android system, but also outside of it.

However, the tracking system of Google and Apple will be different. IOS allows you to choose whether to allow individual apps to be tracked individually, while Google, according to informed sources, allows this with a single slider for the entire system.

This most important change for Android users will come as part of something new Google Play Service During the second part of 2021 and Android 12 updates, Which will be available on most phones from the beginning of 2022. Users who choose not to follow apps will no longer be called the ad ID on their account, and companies, apps and other advertisers will not be able to send personalized ads.

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Google has long been reluctant to do something like this because it makes more money from advertising, but ultimately decided to offer this option to users. According to iPhone statistics, 96% of users have opted for iOS 14.5 and above Applications are not tracked!

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