The warning came after poisonous hairy caterpillars found in Virginia

The warning came after poisonous hairy caterpillars found in Virginia

This is a condition of hair growth.

A species of hairy caterpillar – considered the most venomous in the United States – was recently found in Virginia.

State Forest Department warns residents to search puss caterpillars, They appear soft and furry – but hide the sharp spines that stick to human skin.

“The ‘hairs’ of this caterpillar are actually poisonous hedgehogs, which cause a painful reaction when touched.” Wrote on Facebook.

The venomous backbone of critters like Cousin It can cause severe pain, itchy psoriasis and symptoms including nausea and vomiting when touched or brushed, To the University of Michigan.

Last month, in Richmond, a woman went to the emergency room after fleeing with a so-called “toxic dubby”.

“It felt like a hot knife passing through the outside of my calf,” said Crystal Spindle Caston. Virginia told Mercury.

Even after he was treated with antihistamines and over-the-counter pain medications, Gaston said, “I felt super burned, like a second or tertiary burn on the” puncture site, “and my bones hurt.”

A Florida mother who brushed off one of the obscure insects in 2018 said she had experienced “the worst pain she had ever felt”.

At less than 2 inches in size, the creeping caterpillar feeds on shady trees such as elm, oak and sycamore, commonly found in the southern states, heading north to Maryland and west to Texas.

Their vague appearance has also drawn comparisons to President Trump’s hair for years.

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