The European Union (EU) has launched an investigation into Facebook over its use of advertising data

The European Union (EU) has launched an investigation into Facebook over its use of advertising data

The European Commission suspects social networking for using advertising data Collected from its advertisers Sites, In order to compete with them.

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The European Commission announced A statement The Internet opened an investigation against Facebook on Friday, June 4, to find out whether the Internet violated EU (EU) competition rules in the use of advertising data. Brussels wants to establish whether the group has used advertising data collected from advertisers on its sites in order for Facebook to compete with them in existing markets.

Facebook “Collects a wealth of data on the activities of users on its social network and beyond, allowing it to target specific customer groups, European Competition Commissioner Margaret Wester quoted in a press release. Let’s explore in detail whether this data gives Facebook an unfair competitive advantage, especially in the field of online advertising. “

When advertising their services on Facebook, companies that are in direct competition with the social network can also provide it with commercially valuable data. The US company can use this data to compete with the companies that provided it.

About 3 billion people use Facebook every month, and a total of nearly 7 million businesses advertise their services on Facebook, said Margaret Wester. The British Competition Commission simultaneously launched its own inquiry into the matter on Friday. Brussels and London plan to cooperate within the framework of these two independent practices.

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