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The new crown of “Wolf Wolf Killing Idol” Sen Lingju was diagnosed with pneumonia today. When he and Huang Weijin, Qi Fengs, Lu Junshuo and Xiao Lai’s group “Five Powers” were preparing a new album on Facebook, Ling Nine began to isolate himself at home. However, news from “Apple News” readers said that Chen Lingjieu and five other members of the “Five Resolution Committee went to the dance yesterday (2) and 5 were in a confined space”, which exceeded the tertiary security indoor collection limit for less than 5 persons. In response, Lu Junshuo’s agent said: “Lu Junshuo did not go to the dance rehearsal last night and stay at home. This is for sure.” As for whether anyone else attended the dance training trip, the news has not been read yet.In the evening, Chen Lingjiu admitted to going to the dance studio for a dance after he went to the hospital on June 1, but insisted that “we and the teachers wear masks during the whole process.” All members are self. Loneliness at home. Agents of Qi Feng, Chen Lingjieu and Huang Weij did not answer the phone, the news had not yet been read, and Xiao Lai did not respond. Chen Lingjiu admitted that there was dance training, which caused the dance classroom to face a crisis of infection.

“Werewolf” Sen Lingju was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia! Tell us about the initial process of “this virus is not a joke”

Exclusive | Sen Lingju’s new crown discovery exploded by colleagues “company repressed news” broker denies “diagnosis is known only today”

After the announcement of Chen Lingjiu’s diagnosis, Huang Weizin’s agent said: “Thank you for your concern. Weijin is currently in good health. , He was soon isolated at home.Currently, it is not yet reported about the infection, which is a substance and at the same time follow-up, home isolation and independent health management will continue for 14 days.Final reminder to everyone, wash your hands often, wear masks and maintain social distance. Wei Jin personally posted a message on Facebook saying, “I’m fine now, thank you for your concern,” and she was isolated at home.

Earlier, Qi Fengs reported on IG’s security for a while: “Thanks to Fengmi and friends in the media for your concern. I am in good health. I have made an appointment to arrange a screening at my own expense. If you have any news, please let me know. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ……….. Focus on prevention, Focus on your health, We will work together. “

After Chen Lingjieu apologized, members of “Five Strong Love” Wei Jin, Xiao Lai, Qi Fengs and Lu Junshuo left messages of support. Wei Jin, who was lonely, said, “Let’s do this together.” Qi Feng said, “It’s okay. Get well soon.” , “Nobody wants to get sick, you need to get some good rest now.” (Report from Sen Huhan / Taipei)

Full text of Sen Lingju Facebook

First of all, I apologize to everyone because I did not fully consider it.

Five strong emotions and everyone in the dance class fell into a storm of epidemic

We do not deliberately hide the “planned work”.

I went back to Zhengxin Hospital on 6/1 after a quick negative test on 5/31

The doctor showed that I did not have pneumonia and bronchitis after the x-ray

Examining my symptoms is like having an allergy because I have not stayed home for so long

Yes, after I went home and took the allergy and cleaned the room, I found my breath

The difficulty is gone (Figure 1) I tested it on the internet. If the quick screen is negative, you have a “self health monitor” (Figure 2) (Figure 3)

The agent arranged to take me to the dance classroom for the company business

The MV of this new song was originally scheduled to be filmed in July,

I am afraid I will not be able to continue to improve, after I have taken the allergy medicine,

I first tried to run into the dance classroom to make sure I wasn’t fancy,

All evidence suggests I have an allergy

(I did not have shortness of breath after jumping for an hour)

Throughout the process, we and the teachers are wearing masks.

But this is not “party”, “play”, “group” for us, but “work”

We called in 1922 and asked if we needed dance training because of the work schedule. Is this allowed?

The government is currently regulating the closure of entertainment venues … etc.

Currently, companies still allow companies to maintain the way they operate, so the company’s job requirements are not here.

In addition, the objects of dance practice are adjusted, so it can be done.

The infection prevention area is only for contact with unknown substances. As long as you wear the mask throughout the dance practice, you must remove the mask to keep the distance from infection, and everyone wears the mask during the dance practice.

All three members currently participating in the dance training are self-sufficient at home.

Of course, I made a mistake, thinking I was safe, so I would bring danger to everyone without 100% confirmation.As a public figure, I made a bad demonstration and apologized to people again. Be sure I hope everyone can. Go outside when you are safe.

After the dance practice, I went to the recording studio to sing and continue (all announcing)

I come home, at 9 or 10 in the evening

I got a call that my nucleic acid was positive. After I was stunned, our team said I was diagnosed. Then we discussed how to push back and tell everyone who contacted me. After the diagnosis was confirmed, I announced them one by one. The reason why we did not announce it in the first place is because we do not know whether it will be announced (Figure 4). We called 1922, asked how long it would take to postpone the announcement, etc. He told us not to act in fear of causing panic, then waiting for the announcement of home self-isolation, the new Taipei City Health Bureau and the epidemiological investigation. I immediately notified everyone in 1922 for instructions. People contacted,

Then I waited for the epidemiological instructions of the new Taipei City Health Bureau. Shortly after this film was recorded in the afternoon, I received a call from the Health Bureau. I reported all my footprints to the New Taipei City Health Bureau since I became ill. 27th. I’d like to send it. The message to go is complete, not fragmented,

Finally, I apologize to you, I made a mistake.

I remind everyone again, do not ignore any signs,

Stay home when nothing is wrong, go to the test if you have severe symptoms, and wait until

If it is determined that the nucleic acid is negative, go out and wish you all safety and health.

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