The internet is hysterical about GeneP, it seemed … Photos

The internet is hysterical about GeneP, it seemed ... Photos

Another famous celebrity who escaped to Dubai was Janeb Madzurova. The TV presenter is not a first-timer in the UAE, but the woman writes that this does not stop her from sharing daily scenes from her sexy vacation on Instagram.

“Another photo from Dubai – you are right. But the first trip of my journey. To return to new worlds, dreams, expectations, experiences …

I wouldn’t call it freedom because it never stopped flying inside me, but it would be nice if I left the traveler’s butterflies … because, as someone said – “the best stories are between the pages of the passport,” she said in a beautiful blonde on one of the photos posted on the social network.

What impressed Genevieve’s fans was not the location of her choice for the holiday, but the clothes she wore there. Her appearance in the style of a modern Arab princess immediately caught the hearts of her followers, who rushed to share their opinions about them. “Beautiful”, “dazzling”, “beautiful”, “beautiful”, sounds a lot of their ideas.

Others said directly that Genevieve looked like a real Arab princess. Fortunately for his followers, Genevieve did not hide the name of the designer of one of the most amazing costumes in Turkey.

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