Apple wants its employees to be back in office by September

Apple wants its employees to be back in office by September

The Apple According to the memo sent to the staff, it wants its employees to return to the office by September.

Employees must return to their office at least three days a week, he said CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, in Memo. Some employees will have the option to work on delivery for the other two days of the week.

Team members who require a face-to-face visit to the office four or five days a week. Also, The Apple Inform employees that they can apply for delivery two weeks a year. Requests to be approved by directors.

Tim Cook said that despite the gentle change in teleworking, this model does not change close collaboration. “While many of us were able to achieve when we were separated, the truth is, we haven’t seen anything important to each other in the past year,” he wrote in the memo.On the edge.

“Telecommunication has bridged the gap between us, of course, but there are things that cannot be changed,” he said.

“I know I have not only missed the‘ bustle ’of the activity, energy, creativity and collaboration of our individual meetings and the sense of community we have created,” he wrote in the memo.

The Apple Compared to other “giants” of technology, it has taken a more conservative stance on delivery.

In April, the Facebook aIts employees announced that they could work permanently outside the office – and after the epidemic was over – until their managers approved the relevant request. Last year, the Twitter He told his staff that they could work from home forever if they wanted to.

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However, that Google In April it announced plans to return employees to offices at least three days a week. Until then, employees can opt out of telecommunications if they wish. Meanwhile, like Apple, The Google To help its employees request delivery two weeks a year.

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