The Hubble Telescope noticed this on your birthday

The Hubble Telescope noticed this on your birthday

The NASA He opened a portal in which he shows you exactly what it is Hubble telescope Your birthday.

If you are a fan of science, you already have a new question, how was the place on your birthday. NASA has introduced a portal that you enter on your birthday and month, and it tells you that Hubble noticed a large telescope passing through space that day.

It was on April 24, 19990 that the US space agency, The NASA, Launched the space shuttle from the Kennedy Space Center to carry out the SDS-31 mission, which put the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit, which has been responsible for photographing and exploring wonders and most importantly the sites. Spaces of space.

It found happiness on your birthday -2

Photo: Hubble’s view of a galaxy / NASA

This year we celebrate 30 years since one of the largest space telescopes in the world made a great leap into the atmosphere that triggered the distant channels of the universe. Since this is the birthday of this best friend of science and space research, you can see what he did on your birthday. He was near another galaxy, taking pictures of a particular planet and admiring the vastness of the universe. You may already find out.

The Telescope It is said to have been open 24 hours a day, 1990, seven days a week and 365 days a year, exploring the wonders of space and serving as the largest library of photographs ever seen. This means that even on your birthday, Hubble has seen great events in the universe.

If you want to know what Hubble saw on your birthday, Click here, You will not regret it. Share this with your friends and family and find out what the place was like on their birthday.

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