Skater Girl Release Date, Cast, Plot - All We Know So Far - L'Observator de Troyes

Skater Girl Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far – L’Observator de Troyes

This film is in Indian and American languages. It has a lot of play and of course games. It will air soon on the OTT site Netflix, and everyone is waiting for this series.

The story is about a skater who lives in a rural area and wants to do something different in his life. If you want to know more about this movie, read the article below:

Skater Girl released on OTT Netflix platform

The film was shot in Rajasthan, India. The movie is about 107 minutes long and is based on a girl learning skating and mastering because as far as we know she wanted to do something new for herself.

The US and India are involved in this wonderful film and since then fans could not wait for the release dates.

The film is directed by Manjari Makkijani and produced by Manjari Makkijani, Vinathi Makkijani and Emmanuel Pappas.

The plot was presented by Manjari Makkijani and Vinathi Makkijani. Similarly, the screenplay for the film is directed by Manjari Makkijani and Vinathi Makkijani. The film is supported by Skatepark Films and Mac Productions.

Casting de Skater Girl:

Rachel Sanchita Gupta as Prerna, Shraddha Kejriwal as Kunchan, Anurag Arora as Mahesh, Jonathan Reedwin as Eric, Swathi Das as Shanti, Vivek Yadav as Tipu, Sohan Suhalka as Vishwanath and Sahidur Rahman are the police officers.

Vikram will be played by Ankit Rao, Ramkesh will be played by Ambrish Saxena, Jessica will be played by Amrit Mahera, Maharani will be played by Wakita Rehman and Ankusha will be played by Shafin Patel. If there are any changes, we will let you know in Troys-Apps.

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Skater Girl Release Date:

The popular movie will be released on June 11, 2021 on the very popular OTT platform, which is none other than Netflix.

The film will be released in two different languages ​​as Hindi and of course English.

Skater Girl Trailer:

The official trailer for this breathtaking movie has just been released. If you have not yet seen the trailer, you can do so now as it is below:

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