Look at a man on a mountain lion’s trunk for 6 terrifying minutes – PGR

Look at a man on a mountain lion's trunk for 6 terrifying minutes - PGR
  • While browsing a trek up a hill in Utah, he came upon cougar cubs and their most secure mother.
  • The adult cat attacked the man for six minutes as he tried to escape.
  • The man eventually threw a rock in the direction of the cat and survived.

Going for a hike is usually a good, sober way to engage in some exercise and enjoy the best outdoors. That kind of activity is even more important these days because the corona virus epidemic has brought life to a terrible halt in many areas, but an Utah man recently discovered that the wrong time is when Mother Nature can be a little scary if you find yourself in the wrong place.

Kyle Burgess, who was walking on a long hiking trail, saw what he thought were small popcorn in the distance. As he slowly approached, he began shooting, imagining that he would probably capture shots of pint-sized predators from a safe distance. He got his way rather than bargaining.

As he got closer it became clear that the cats were not popcorn, but cougar puppies. This became even more apparent when their mother appeared, and he ran fast as Burgess frantically tried to retreat. The cat, keeping in mind the safety of its offspring, would not back down, and although Burgess would do everything in his power to remain calm while preventing an attack, Cougar began to follow him.

Walking backwards for a full six minutes, Burgess tried to push the cat back again. Over time, the hunter came closer and closer, eventually performing its threatening scene by kicking the mountaineer several times in the lungs and dust and debris. Burgess did nothing – including screaming and listening to the cat – and showed the cuckoo stage.

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This video is incredible for two reasons, not the least, as Burgess manages to keep the camera focused on the cat while supporting a rocky outcrop. These are very remarkable scenes, you can definitely feel the intensity. Personally, my palms were sweating at the sight of it.

In the end, Burgess does what most experts tell you not to try: he bends down to pick up a rock. Bending down or showing yourself small is basically a call for attack because the cat will see it as a sign of weakness and use it as an opportunity to kill. Fortunately, the cat does not progress, and the hiker manages to throw a rock in its direction, frightening it.

Initially it was easy to see why Burgess did not want to go to a rock. The cat was incredibly aggressive and it seemed like a sure thing that it would attack if it took time to look away and bend down. Luckily things worked out and neither Burke nor the big cat were seriously injured.

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