Biden relies on hairdressers to promote vaccination among African Americans

Biden relies on hairdressers to promote vaccination among African Americans

According to Washington Post, The US president should soon launch an initiative aimed at “recruiting” 1,000 African-American owners of hairdressing and beauty salons. Their purpose is to encourage vaccination in their community.

This is the race against time he wants to win in every way. As recalled Washington Post, “Joe Biden is aiming for Independence Day on July 4, to reach the threshold of 70% of adults who have received at least one dose of vaccine against Covid 19.” To do this, the President of the United States must increase the vaccination rate in the black community, who will often be more reluctant by this bite.

So, to fix this problem, according to the US capital’s daily newspaper, Joe Biden is about to launch a new project “Appointment of 1,000 African-American owners of hairdressers and beauty salons to increase vaccination and educate the community on the subject”.

“Fighting Misinformation”

Therefore, the hairdressers involved in this work will have a dual task to accomplish: on the one hand, they will be able to organize vaccination sessions in their business, and on the other hand, they will be trained to “preach the good word.” ”To their customers. Purpose: “Fight Misinformation About Vaccines”, Note Washington Post.

According to Cameron Webb, who works for the state in response to Covid 19, hairdressers have been privileged sources of information for generations for the black community. In these places, “Conversations flow naturally, Explains the man to the newspaper. Also, hairdressers can spread that information to others in the community through a trusted messenger by learning about how vaccines work. ”

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