The Reunion, Wonder Woman is better than 1984 and Mortal Combat on HBO Max?

The Reunion, Wonder Woman is better than 1984 and Mortal Combat on HBO Max?

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of HBO Max. In the list of most viewed films on stage, is this enough to remove Wonder Woman?

In the United States, the reunion between Chandler (Matthew Perry), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Monica (Courtney Cox), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Rose (David Swimmer) is available on the HBO Max stage for a few days. It has been many years since rumors spread that the merry mob is coming back. All six actors were finally nostalgic for a movie – or show – (with lots and lots of guests).

Many fans would have loved a special episode, seventeen years after the band’s last farewell, when finally this strange form was chosen and the Warner band had to rub their hands on the first results.

Photo, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Leplank, Matthew Berry, David Swimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney CoxThey have come for us …

American site Variety Explains that May 27, 2021, Or on the same day Friends: Reunion, 29% of US subscribers on the platform watched the special episode. This is just a few points short Wonder Woman 1984, The latest big hit from the platform that recorded 32% view when released on Christmas Day 2020. All of these figures are provided by the Division, which analyzes the statistics of each site based on a testing team of more than 5,000 American households.

By comparison, only 16% of HBO Max subscribers saw it Destruction fight, On the day of release. The Boston movie was one of the stage hits recently: it performed better than that Godzilla vs. Cong.

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Photo, Courtney Cox, David Swimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Leplong, Jennifer AnistonBack to the 90s: A timeless era

This is a success Friends: Reunion Not surprisingly: HBO Max nostalgia caused its goodwill. When it launched a year ago, its owners sold Warner Group’s new SVoD platform as a “streaming service” for fan communities. ”The platform then promised to deliver exclusive content. For highly invested fans, i.e. followers of such generational events Friends, Harry Potter, But even Justice League And this Looney Tunes …

Surprisingly, this is one of 35-54 year olds Friends: Reunion Achieves its best result: more than half of the audience on the first day are of this age; 6 and one that followed the band’s adventures, living on NBC between 1994 and 2004. HBO won for Max? Time will tell. As the content of the site diversified over time and Warner’s strategy developed, we can remember that its beginnings were more than dull. A few months ago, we also rated HBO Max as one of our biggest failures of 2020.

Photo, Lady Gaga, Lisa KudrowHow to reach a younger audience? Call Lady Gaga!

In France, Friends: Reunion Will air very soon on TF1. This is a big blow to the first channel because it has never been one of the series’ historic broadcasters. Meanwhile, the Reunion movie is already available on the Salto platform – our team has already seen it.

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