Natural gas is losing ground, and the government will recommend increasing exports

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V. in companies that control gas reserves. A ministerial committee headed by Energy Ministry Director General Udi Adiri is to recommend extending the volume of gas exports from the Tamar and Whale reservoirs.

In addition to energy consumption from sources such as natural gas, strengthening the renewable energy sector and in this way shifting the world to energy consumption is an obvious change in the state’s position on this issue. As the use of solar energy, wind and more increases, the demand for gas will decrease, so some people think it is worthwhile to increase the demand for gas in reservoirs.

In addition, it should be noted that a few months ago the government decided to raise Israel’s renewable energy targets to 30% by 2030. These processes were at the center of discussions between ministerial committees examining government policy on natural gas. It should be recommended to reduce the limit on natural gas. Encourage local economy and natural gas exports. According to past results, the gas consortium can now export up to 40% of the gas they produce, with the limit likely to increase to about 50%.

According to information available to Globes, the Adri-led panel also includes representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Justice, Competition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Economic Council and the Ministers of National Defense. The Council provided data forecasting the future of the Israeli energy sector. To increase economic well-being from this resource, it is important to promote natural gas exports as soon as possible.

Data and data provided by an international consulting firm show the shift in the role of natural gas in the global energy economy and its use as an “intermediate fuel”, whose use reduces emissions compared to other fossil fuels, and the global energy economy moves to cleaner energy sources.

Considering natural gas as a transport fuel means that the growth of resources and export infrastructure should be encouraged in the coming years, in order to bring about the decline of resources today, which of course will significantly increase state revenue

If a decision is made in this regard, it will allow the export of hundreds of BCM natural gas, in addition to the approximately 130 PCM already included in export agreements for Jordan and Egypt. This move will allow additional export agreements to be signed.

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