The first tax on cryptocurrencies has been announced

Revenue management has decided to inherit Bitcoin. Accordingly, Bitcoin heirs can inherit Bitcoin by submitting a declaration and paying taxes.

Bitcoin and in general Laws on cryptocurrencies Not yet fully resolved. Almost every country makes different decisions in this regard. For example, countries such as Russia and China consider cryptocurrencies as virtual assets.

Before Finance, Capital Markets Board and Central BankMade assessments on how to classify cryptocurrencies. Since how cryptocurrencies are established is a matter of constant debate, it is not possible to determine which laws should be evaluated.

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In order for something to be legally taxed, that thing Determining the type To. Commodities, securities and even foreign exchange transactions, as we often hear in economic bulletins, are taxed in different ways which means “better to sell”.

The type of cryptocurrencies is currently controversial. Between CMP, Ministry of Finance and Central Bank There is a difference of opinion. On the other hand, it has recently been suggested that Bitcoin may primarily tax cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Inheritance and gift tax Within range It was decided how to deal with it. The decision in this matter was taken by the Professor of Accounting of Bahihir University. Dr. Fatma Ulukhan Özkul shared on her Twitter account.

Inheritance and inheritance tax for bitcoin


Professor. Dr. Kzkul on Twitter “Within the limits of inheritance and gift tax # Bitcoin heirs can pay earned tax by giving a notice, and if a notice is not submitted, the company holding the bitcoin 5% withholding And the remaining amount to be paid to the heirs was deemed appropriate by the Revenue Administration. “ Used expressions.

As long as there is a legal framework, a law is made The status of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin This seems to be the subject of constant debate. What do you think of Bitcoin: money, goods or securities?

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