Solar Eclipse December 2020: Surya Grahan 2020 Date, Time, Live Streaming Online in India

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December 13, 2020 4:37:58 p.m.

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Solar Eclipse 2020: The total solar eclipse on Monday, December 14 will be the last eclipse of the year. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon aligns to block the sun completely. For a total of two minutes and 10 seconds, people living in parts of Chile and Argentina in South America can see the total solar eclipse.

In addition to Chile and Argentina, people living in southern America, southwestern Africa and southern Antarctica can see a partial solar eclipse.

The second solar eclipse of this year will not occur late in the evening in India. According to The space event will begin at 7:03 pm and peak at 9:43 pm on December 15 before ending at 12:23 am. If you still want to watch the solar eclipse from India, you can do so online by accessing the link provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The first solar eclipse of the year occurred on June 21, 2020, visible from Earth. The next solar eclipse is expected to occur on June 10, 2021, The next total solar eclipse visible from India is expected to occur on March 20, 2034.

We also saw the last four penumbral lunar eclipses on November 30, in the year that this Covid 19 was affected. The fourth Penumbral lunar eclipse is not even known from India. According to NASA, a maximum of five solar eclipses can be recorded in a year, with a minimum of two. The last five solar eclipses in a year occurred in 1935, and it is likely to recur in 2206.

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