Pokemon Sword and Shield instead of a complete sequel Why DLC.

Pokemon Sword and Shield instead of a complete sequel Why DLC.

The current generation of Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch have changed the way we move our regular pocket monster bug fix forward. basically Pokemon sword and shield, It looks like the new model is releasing paid DLC expansion content, rather than fans buying the full sequels.

What is behind this decision? Pokemon explained recently during a chat with Game Informer. He felt it would be better if the players could continue their journey across the collar area with a single trip, rather than starting new players. Here is Pokemon’s full answer:

“There was an element of fear in going to the downloadable model, but we hope players will be happy to explore new contexts, uncover new storylines and meet new human characters and Pokமொmon in both The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. Had to, so we thought that with a DLC the players would enjoy using their favorite Pokemon outside the gate. “

How do you feel about DLC in Sword and Shield instead of a solo game? Share your thoughts below.

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