WhatsApp worm is not completely under control – malware is spreading

WhatsApp worm is not completely under control - malware is spreading

Dangerous malware is now spreading through other messenger services.

Messenger service users should be careful now. At the end of January, security experts ESET
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-Worm released, which spreads through profit announcements. As has now been shown, criminals have made significant use of malware. Meanwhile, more and more WhatsApp users are not alone.

Dissemination through other services

ESET has found that the latest version of the malware has spread to other messenger services such as Signal, Telegram, Skype and Viber. In the message sent by the infected contacts, the malicious application gives new functionality to WhatsApp and a different look after clicking the link. But it is a trap. So do not click on the link!

Sneaky project

The malicious application requires various permissions during installation, e.g. For example, overwriting other applications that may overwrite other applications running on the device. Or ignoring battery optimization, which allows it to run in the background and prevents the system from consuming it even when the device is consuming power and resources.

ESET Security Specialist Lucas Stefango Has recorded a video to document the process of the latest variation of the malicious program:

Purpose and security

The attackers mainly exploited the malware to use it for adware or subscription fraud campaign, however it can be used for malicious purposes. To protect themselves, smartphone users should avoid clicking on suspicious links, download only apps from the official Google Play Store, and make sure to use a security solution for their smartphone.

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