Water on Mars: Incredible Images of Mars Clouds Sent by Curiosity Rover | Chronicles

Water on Mars: Incredible Images of Mars Clouds Sent by Curiosity Rover |  Chronicles

Curiosity Rover NASA Was able to capture this Saturday’s series Amazing pictures of clouds Tuesday, Which indicates the presence of water in the atmosphere of the red planet.

According to NASA, Clouds are rare and they are located in thin atmospheres Tuesday, But they usually form at the Earth’s equator.

Scientists noted that last year, at Earth time two years ago, clouds began to form more than expected.

Nine described NASA What “Whiskey puffs filled with ice crystals scattering the light of the setting sun, some of which glow with color”.

Black and white images taken by the Curiosity Rover line.

In this way, the images provided new insights to the Curiosity team NASA. In the first results, scientists confirmed that the first clouds are higher than most Martian clouds, which are usually about 37 miles (about 60 km) from the planet’s surface and are formed by ice..

NASA says high-altitude clouds are made up of frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice.

“When viewed after sunset, its ice crystals catch a dim light so that they glow against the dark sky. These twilight clouds, also known as ‘noctilucent’ clouds (Latin ‘night glow’), glow as they are filled with crystals and then darken after the sun’s position in the sky falls below its height. This is a useful clue for scientists to determine how high they are. “, They described from the American space agency.

Sequence of color images.

In addition, Curiosity captured images of contrasting clouds “Nagre”, With light colors throughout.

Mark Lemon, an astronomer at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, commented in a NASA post that the colors came from almost identical cloud particles. “It usually occurs when clouds form and they all grow at the same rate.”He explained.

Lemon said he was surprised to see the colors appearing in these clouds; Red and greens and blues and purples. “It’s so nice to see something glowing with so many colors Tuesday, He insisted.

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