Giro: How Egan Bernal imposed the South American Raiders on the Aeneas

At his home in Djibouti, he earned the nickname from a very young age L boss, Chairman. A bar even has its name with its image on the entrance to the white wall facing the street. In Colombia, before becoming head of cycling in Colombia, Egan Bernal was recognized as an employer as a family business owner from the very beginning who supported his parents with his first racing bonus.

But today, he has achieved something no one could have imagined at the time of his victory in the Tour de France in 2019, from the time it was created (to Sky in 2010) to the British stars from Bradley Wiggins to Chris Froome to Chris Froome in order to seize control of the Aeneas team. “I do not want to change this order, However protects the young Colombian. For me, everyone is always in their rightful place on this team, and the story began long before my arrival.

However, in the winter of 2019, when the question of team leadership arose domestically, no one really could decide. Boss Dave Brailleford even left the document in suspense, wanting to praise his three leaders Froome, Thomas and Bernal during personal phone interviews, promising the same thing, that he should be the sole leader in the Tour de France 2020. Both Britons are announcing their goals for the season, with Egan Bernal understood to be looking to compete with them. “He accepted his responsibilities by announcing that he was targeting the Tour de FranceFormer Colombian pro Evan Casas, 40, says he shares his training when he returns home. Egan was a natural leader, unaware that this character was slipping away from him in Aeneas, and he regained control. “

“In Colombia, we now recognize Aeneas almost as a South American team.”

Ivan Casas, former Colombian pro

The announcement comes just days after Chris Froome left for the Israeli start-up Nation team, no doubt linked to the seizure of power in young Colombia (24 years old). “I was never responsible for his choice, He said then. I have always had great respect for Chris, but also for Gerant. Winning on a team like this is never easy. When I started, there were already two Tour de France winners. By proving that I was able to bring the yellow jersey back, I had to respect myself. “

He failed on the last tour, and his back problems forced him to retire (Level 17), which did not change his action plan. He continued to weave his web, which upset not only the hierarchy within Aeneas, but also the philosophy. “In Colombia, we now almost identify as a South American team, Ricol Ivan Casas. This is Egan’s ingenuity to always slowly impose himself without anyone noticing. “

Although we can already imagine that he has control of the team after winning the 2019 tour, he was looking forward to keeping his infants back from supporting the arrival of his childhood friend Brandon Rivera last year, from the winner of the Giro Ecuador Richard Carpas 2019 and his Costa Rican, this year Comrade Daniel Martinez will be one of the best architects of the success he has achieved in this Zero, which we saw on the mountain platform again on Saturday. “Egan always needs his own environment, people he can trust, Remembers his first mountain bike coach, Pablo Masuero. He was already like that when he was very young. This is how it develops better. “

In addition to his successes on two major tours, Egan Bernal faced the enormous challenge of rebuilding his universe, in a Latin course, in the heart of the Enios grenadiers of this British machine, the guards seemed irreversible.

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