Acrobar Cafe brutally abuses Daniel Andrews supporters

Acrobar Cafe brutally abuses Daniel Andrews supporters

Daniel Andrews has jumped on the bandwagon for the protection of a Melbourne cafe owner, who has put Premier supporters in charge of charging extra dollars for their coffees.

“People can put up any symptoms they want, but the symptoms will not work against this virus – and I can also point out that online abuse in the protection of that cafe worker will not work against this virus,” the prime minister said Thursday.

Acrobar co-owner Franz Madeleine said he would sign “tongue in cheek” after inciting abuse and threats.

He said Today Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday night, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Mr Madeleine said security forces were forced to deploy overnight as people threatened to throw rocks at the business because of the identity.

“It simply came to our notice then I don’t protect anyone, I think he had some bad things, I don’t think that’s right, I ask people not to do that, “said Mr Andrews.

Identified at Murabin Hotel, southwest of Melbourne, If you support Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, people are asking you to add $ 1 to their coffee line.

Mr Madeleine said it had been on the counter for three weeks, but the setback began when the symptom went viral after it was shared on social media on Wednesday. `

“Initially it was great, with about 30 people watching the comedy and we kept $ 1 in the tip jar,” he told hosts Carl Stepanovic and Allison Langdon.

“But in the last 24 hours, as this identity has gone viral, abuse and bad temper and personal attacks on business, I think the staff and I were completely on top yesterday.”

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Mr Madeleine said they had received threats that rocks would be thrown through the window and that someone had called and threatened what would happen to their business. Premier Office, Which was thrown on the front window and spray paint on the store last week.

He said he would remove the sign after police said it was in their best interests to reduce it.

“If you were asked by the police to take your identity, of course,” Mr Madeleine said.

“My main concern is to keep our employees safe. We do not want people to come and use it to create more anger against employees.

“Until now we have been fighting the lockout and now we are fighting these absolute extremists.

Mr Madeleine said the sign was not politically motivated, but was a “lighter” opposition to opposing comments about how they should feel grateful and lucky about the government’s reopening goals.

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