Mysteriously hidden 800 stars ask astronomers

Des étoiles peuvent-elles simplement disparaître sans laisser de trace ? C’est la question que pose le projet Vanishing and Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations (Vasco). © Tryfonov, Adobe Stock

They appear on photographic plates from the 1950s, but seem to have mysteriously disappeared. These are the stars that the Vasco project is looking for. He identified 800 candidates. Behind one of them may be a rare natural phenomenon or … an advanced alien civilization.

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Stars are not like diamonds! They are not eternal. The Astronomers, Even now we have known it for a long time. Some The stars live and die Slowly, in a process that takes millions, billions of years. Too big, they will disappear in a real disaster. They glow for months and explode into supernovae visible to hundreds of millions of people.Light years.

And since 2017, astronomers have been wondering if some stars are simply disappearing. Time to blink an eyeEye. The stars that were there and suddenly are gone now. This seems impossible by our laws of physics. But to find out, these researchers started a project called Evidence appears to disappear during a century of observation (Vasco). Understanding, disappearance and origin of sources during a century of observation.

Suddenly disappearing completely – a behavior never previously documented – astronomers on the one hand rely on new tools Map of the sky At a full higher rate. The Panoramic Survey Telescope and Quick Response System (Bon-Stars) in Hawaii or Zwicky unstable facility Of (ZTF) boom Palomer (California, USA) For example. The ultra-wide field of view of the latter allows it to be erased Milky Way Twice a night.

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Evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations?

The researchers also relied on data from the 70s. To find the missing star candidates, they compare the two. They also keep their data Available to the public online. Objects identified in the oldest data and not the most recent are studied in detail by astronomers. For example to avoid the risk of defects on photo plates. The rest of this object does not appear to verify other data.

The investigation has so far revealed more than 800 people Apparently “missing” stars. But astronomers have a lot more to check before finding the best candidate for them. They explain that this may be similar to a “failed” supernova. One star was so big that it collapsed into one Black hole Who sucked it from the inside. Reducing the violent nuclear reactions that usually lead to a Eruption en supernova. The process does not leave visible residues at the end. In parallel, astronomers believe that such an event should not occur more than once every three centuries, and unfortunately it is not possible for them to find evidence.

Failing to reveal these types of rare natural phenomena, the Vasco project, on the other hand, can be found to exist Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations! Among the 800 suspicious sources already identified. Many scientists believe there is another Intelligence Can be detected by the incomprehensible behaviors of the stars. These civilizations may have actually developed star engineering technologies that would naturally change the brightness of their star in an indescribable way.

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