Battery-bridging update fines Tesla in Norway

Battery-bridging update fines Tesla in Norway

Tesla was convicted in Norway of reducing the range of certain vehicles sold in the country. Questionable: An update that controls the batteries, but it begs the manufacturer, for a good reason.

The Norwegian court has fined Tesla 136,000 crowns (approximately 13,350 euros) and the manufacturer will have to pay for each of the 30 customers who complained that it was reducing the autonomy of their Model S. Pay, but this prototype can be a headache if other users complain. Tesla may still appeal.

Sensitivity components

In 2019, the Model S sold in Norway between 2013 and 2015 was entitled to a software update விளை effect reducing the range of vehicles and reducing the charging speed! This is amazing, but when you look at the manufacturer’s vision, you can understand this control: it’s protecting the batteries, components that deteriorate over time. The batteries in question have not been manufactured since 2016.

While the desire to “protect your mount” is commendable, this update has had devastating consequences for buyers who end up with cars that do not match the features announced by Tesla. One of them explains that his Model S range has gone from 400km to 350km following the update.

The business falls badly on Tesla, which is number one in sales in Norway. Country where more than one of the two cars has electricity! This is not the first time the manufacturer has had difficulty in this country: in 2016, a compliant agreement was signed with 126 customers, complaining that the actual performance of the vehicles had not been announced.

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