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Jakarta – By Government Ministry of Communications and Information (Cominfo) To encourage continued consumption Digital television In Indonesia.

But many who do not understand digital television still think of it as streaming. In fact, the two are very different.

Step: Buying and selling sites Cominfo population data

On Friday (28/5/2021) through his official Instagram account, Cominfo explained that digital television is a free service because it has FDA (Free to Air) status.

“If you have a view of digital television like Internet services on a device, edit that scene immediately,” Cominfo said.

As mentioned earlier, Digital television Different from web streaming. Internet streaming services are a form of digital technology specialization.

To enjoy internet streaming services, it costs money through credit or data packages, so it is not free. This is different from watching digital television broadcasts.

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In the meantime, to enjoy digital TV services, additional STPs are required. Just use (set top box). Prices are affordable and easy to obtain.

With this STB, TV The tube can still capture digital broadcasts. No need to change the TV, you can still watch your favorite broadcasts.


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