Castelnatari. Denise Column: Cinema Room

Castelnatari.  Denise Column: Cinema Room

Cinema. From Buster Keaton to Jean-Luc Goddard.

We often remember a movie we saw in a movie theater … a theater we rarely saw in a movie!

The cinema hall is undoubtedly an essential place for the spread of cinematic works, finding its true dimension no matter how modest a single structure or image is, and its thousand lights shining. But the same cinema room was a great inspiration to many directors. It has not been dated since yesterday!

At the height of his art, Buster Keaton, in 1924, signed with “Sherlock Jr.” a timeless masterpiece in which he plays a projector who manages to dream within a film. The scene where he is seen going to the other side of the screen is a great moment in the history of cinema, marking a particular Woody Allen… (see “Cairo’s Purple Rose”!)

In “Singing in the Rain”, Stanley Donnon pays homage to the audience. They are given the role of witnesses to the story being told – but the history of cinema, the role of real filmmakers, their uncompromising eyes. The audience sometimes wins, sometimes jokes, but often surprises, surprises and cheers …

Jean-Luc Goddard in “Insult” will protect artists who express the producers’ mediocrity, which will attract profits. Fritz Long is an exiled filmmaker in Rome who shows the urgency of his new film and an ulcerated American producer. Thanks to a deliberately contradictory test plan for Goddard to sign a statement against the industrialization of cinema.

Which movie theater do you remember in a movie? Visit some of them again at Be curious, be amazed!

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