Belarusian opposition leader Zeppelin offers to pay $ 11 million for Lukashenko's arrest

Belarusian opposition leader Zeppelin offers to pay $ 11 million for Lukashenko’s arrest

“Last night we launched a new civilian initiative. The idea of ​​this initiative is to raise enough funds and turn them into rewards for security forces or civil society representatives who will arrest and arrest Criminal No. 1,” he said.

According to Zeppelin, the collection technology is designed so that the donated money is allocated to the donor’s account.

“They will not be detained until the day Lukashenka is detained and arrested. After that, the money will go to a special account, which guarantees to pay people who dare to do so (according to EU law) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus to implement international justice. This time we will win. I believe that there are a lot of decent, principled people serving the people within this organization, and serving the law is not an empty phrase, “he said.


Sepkalo was invited as one of Lukashenko’s main rivals in the election, but he was not allowed to see them – Belarus’ CEC Nearly half of the signatures were rejected, The headquarters of the opposition provided support for his appointment. Fear of arrest, in July 2020 Departed for RussiaPolitician for a while Was in Ukraine, Now lives in Lithuania.

In Belarus against Zeppelin Opened a criminal case for bribery… He faces up to 15 years in prison. Politician is preferred at home and in the Russian Federation.

In August A search was conducted at Sepkalov’s home in Minsk, His property was arrested.

In early February 2021, the Inquiry Committee of Belarus The attorney general sent the documents to the office About starting a question before Latvia about handing over the opposition.

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On August 9, 2020, presidential elections were held in Belarus, followed by mass demonstrations by those who disagreed with the voting results. According to official statistics, Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, won, 80.1% of voters voted for it. Opposition candidate Svetlana Dikanovskaya came in second with 10.1% of the vote. At the same time, alternative exit polls Showed the opposite image – Hopeful victory for Dikanovskaya.

Belarusian security forces used the rallies to disperse violently Stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons… During the protests, hundreds of protesters were injured and wounded. In the country since August, according to the human rights center “Viasna” More than 25,000 were detained, In total they were arrested for 100 thousand days. Officials announced Four protesters dead, Opposition – About eight.

On September 23, Lukashenko held a secret inauguration, the first time in Belarusian history. Not reported And Not aired on TV… Many states, including the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Denmark Ukraine And the Czech Republic, Did not approve of Lukashenko’s inauguration.

Opposition groups called for a new election in Belarus. First, Lukashenko said the country should change the constitution (the draft of the new constitution, according to him, Delivered in 2021), Then hold new elections.

Until May 27, political prisoners in Belarus Approved 423 people, Announced Human Rights Center “Vesna”. Most of them came under criminal charges after the presidential election.

May 26, three days later Opposition journalist and blogger Roman Protashevich arrested, Representatives of the Belarusian opposition said the country’s democratic forces were beginning to prepare for a new active phase of the struggle.

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