Violent protests erupt in Spain after rapper’s arrest – photo

Violent protests erupt in Spain after rapper's arrest - photo

In Spain, 15 protesters were arrested and more than 30 were injured in clashes between police and protesters on Wednesday night following the arrest of rapper Pablo Hazel, officials said. Hazel and his supporters, who did not want to go to jail to enjoy his nine-month prison sentence for posting on Twitter, were barred from the university in which he attacked the monarchy and accused police of torturing and killing protesters and immigrants. The rapper is guilty of glorifying and defaming terrorism, as well as defaming the crown and state institutions. Spanish police entered the University of Leda on Tuesday and arrested Hassel. Later that day, protests erupted in several Catalan cities. In Barcelona, ​​about 1,700 people gathered in the central square. A group of protesters set fire to trash cans and pelted police officers with stones and other objects. Similar scenes were seen in Hazel’s hometown of Lita. In Vica, about 70 kilometers north of Barcelona, ​​protesters attacked a police station and wounded 11 police officers. A total of 15 people have been detained, police said, but the ambulance service said 33 people, including 19 police officers, were injured in the clashes.

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