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On May 27, the Reuters news agency reported that the United States wanted to hold a face-to-face meeting of the heads of stateDiamond Quartet(Quad), focuses on infrastructure to meet China’s challenge.
Mr. Kurt Campbell, US Presidential Coordinator Joe Biden In Indo-Pacific policy, he said, the “Diamond Quartet” welcomes other countries to join.
The group from India, the United States, Japan and Australia met online for the first time in March and pledged to work closely on vaccines. Govit-19, Climate and safety.
“It simply came to our notice then Face-to-face meeting, Hope to coordinate similarly in terms of infrastructure, ”Mr. Campbell said at an online event organized by Stanford University (USA).

“I would like to emphasize that this is not a panel for decoration. If other countries think they need to work with us, the door will be open as we move forward,” Campbell said.

The summit in March was carefully prepared to counter China’s growing influence, and President Biden and the group’s leaders teamed up for a free and open Indo – Pacific. They are committed to ensuring expansion in the face of challenges from China.

They also agreed to host the summit in person this year. A White House official said the parties had not yet decided on a specific time and location for the upcoming meeting.

Japan is set to exercise for the first time with the United States and France

According to Campbell, the “operating system” that the United States helped build in Asia remains intact, but is “under considerable pressure” to face the rise of China.

“It needs to be strengthened in many ways, not just the United States, but other countries that use that operating system, namely Japan. Korea, Australia and European countries want to do more in Asia and everywhere, ”he said.

Besides, it is important for the United States to have a positive economic vision of what it wants to participate in and what it can contribute to Asia. Campbell said.

“In Asia we can do everything right, but without an economic strategy, it is difficult to succeed. Asians look forward as we progress. We are very ambitious about the quad,” he said.

U.S. President Joe Biden is pushing for massive infrastructure spending in the United States. In March, he said he had asked the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson About inviting countries to the infrastructure plan to deal with the initiative Belt and road Of China.

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