Unusual. The crocodile on the tree frightened the people of Krakow

Unusual.  The crocodile on the tree frightened the people of Krakow

“APeople did not open the windows because they were afraid the animal would enter their homes. ” .. it is a croissant.

The unusual story was revealed by the Animal Association of Krakow (KTOZ), which, on Facebook, revealed part of a phone conversation in which the resident announced the situation. Thinking it was a reptile, perhaps an iguana, the (frightened) woman decided to ask for help.

Experts suspected that it may be an animal of this species, as it is currently unable to survive in the area due to its low temperature. But, anyway, they did their duty and went to the scene.

Arriving at that address, they encountered an unusual situation: “a brown creature on a pink branch”, they explained on the social network. After realizing it was a crocodile – someone had to be thrown out to feed the birds – the researchers had a “laugh fit”.

“This mysterious iguana is a croissant, a croissant – those French-style cakes,” he joked, however, calling on people to always be cautious when thinking that an animal might be in danger.

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