Aventure Citroën Terra America

Citroen Terra America record

Citroen cruise ships of the last century mark an important page in vehicle history and human adventure. Imagined and launched by Andre Citron in the 1920s, these trips testify to the importance of the automobile as a means of exploration around the world and to unite people.

The Citroன்n Terra America adventure began on May 26 at the Citroன்n Conservatory, a landmark site where the largest international collection of Citron vehicles is maintained. Of the 280 parts that can be seen, the vehicles that took part in the traction avant and popular cruise ships also attracted attention on this day.

‘Today we give the start to a challenge like the one organized by Andre Citroயn! Called ‘The Citroen Terra America Adventure’, this voyage contains all the objects that people dream of, just like the Citroen Cruise, “said Stephen Barbet, co-chairman of Citron.

“The mission of our association is to preserve, share and revitalize the wonderful history of Citro ஏற்படுத்தn that revolutionized the automobile since 1919. We are very pleased to support this project as an accomplice of clubs around the world.”

Traction Avant is a famous automobile that combines the modern solutions of the time in one vehicle: with the exception of the transmission mode, all-steel monocoque system, hydraulic brakes and independent wheel suspension on all four wheels. Launched in 1934, 80 years after its strength and mechanical simplicity, traction still makes it a notable raid car today. Not only that, but his sympathetic capital in France and around the world has only grown over the years.

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‘Drag his aesthetic beauty will be a real asset to the spontaneous and positive interactions it creates!’, Funny Adam, President of the Citroen Terra America Adventure.

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