[Vidéo] The Virgin has succeeded in landing a new manned spacecraft on the frontiers of Galactic space

[Vidéo] The Virgin has succeeded in landing a new manned spacecraft on the frontiers of Galactic space

April 30, 2021 edition

Virgin Galactic is the third successful high-flying aircraft. After a failed test in December 2020, the US company made changes to its suburban aircraft. VSS Unity was launched from a carrier aircraft in the United States on Saturday 22 May. With two people on board, it reached an altitude of 89.2 kilometers before returning to “sliding” to dry land.

A spacecraft was launched into the open

Founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic Space seeks to compete with SpaceX and Blue Origin in the field of tourism. The company is distinguished by its launch: its spacecraft, aircraft and rockets are launched into the air by carrier aircraft. A video shows the ignition of VSS Unity engines, which is the “motherhood” VMS.



Logo code and inconsistencies

The Virgin talks about the Galactic space flight, but the reaction is discussed. Here, the VSS uniformity does not cross the Korman Fort at an altitude of 100 km, and the boundary is often used to define the atmosphere and space. At an altitude of 89 kilometers, travelers can still think about the curves of the planet, or split themselves to float for a few moments without weight.

Business service in 2022

Virgin Galactic teams can follow the action from the brand new Los Cruces space in New Mexico (USA). The aircraft underwent several scientific experiments as part of its collaboration with NASA. The test aircraft authorized the inclusion of the reusable spacecraft in commercial service, primarily in an effort to collect data from the U.S. air traffic controller.

If the company meets its goals, Virgin Galactic will be able to carry its first tourists by 2022. In the meantime, the flight schedule for the Virgin Galactic should be expedited: three more sub-tests are planned in the coming months.

A worrying incident in December 2020

The May 22 mission marks the first successful submarine flight for the Virgin Galactic since February 2019. As of December 2020, the aircraft was able to land safely with its crew but did not complete its ignition line. “After being released from its motherland, the spaceship to Unity monitoring the rocket motor lost its on-board computer connection. As expected, this triggered a security situation, which deliberately shut down the rocket engine’s ignition.”, The company explained.

It was not the December 2020 flight, but the February 2019 flight that hit the headlines. Washington Post During the test it was revealed in February 2021 that the horizontal stabilizer of the aircraft was damaged, a serious incident that could have endangered the lives of the three people on board. The May 22 plane was tested, according to Virgin Galactic “Improvement of horizontal stabilizers and flight controls”.

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