Login or welcome newcomers

Login or welcome newcomers

Take advantage of “On Boarding” today! To start, I recommend you “unbox” [ouvrir] Voter Welcome Package It is in these terms Manager Cedric addresses his new guys. Everyone has a welcome kit in their hands, which seals the entry into the company: the sacred access badge, the welcome manual with the service plan, two masks and a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, a zucchini eco-friendly and a beer bottle opener because we are in the cold box.

“Come aboard!”, He continues. Many companies use maritime metaphor or spatial metaphor for more boldness to welcome newcomers: they talk about “on boarding”, i.e. “boarding”. While welcoming new people has always been the norm, signing up for large companies has become a formal step, born out of the observation that a bad reception is dangerous for recruitment. According to a 2014 study by Deloitte, 4% of new employees leave their jobs after the first day of disaster.

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At Playblogger, the head of Carpooling, we do not underestimate the fully integrated reception program in “Playblo”. Playplain is the company’s Bible, Playblanch, lunch organized with strangers, or a field manager’s mini-conference playbladok every Wednesday. But before that, the first three days of coordinating visits, history lessons and meeting colleagues in a row: ” Login days .

Codes and references

The Embarrassment period is primarily aimed at understanding how the house works, its symbols, and its symbols. If Claudio knew where the IT department was, he would be able to defend himself and be included. This is the on-board qualification that was theorized by American researchers in the 1970s « Organizational socialization ».

This is the first contact time: “Hello, this is Farith, he’s in charge of web development. Farith is Carla here. He joins us on a fixed term contract in customer relations.” « Nice to meet you! » “See you soon! “ Some companies hire mentors to avoid presentations being superficial. The study of routes goes through the HR department to sign some documents.

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After identifying departments, offices and a few key people, it is time for you to get to know the culture and values ​​of the company. This is a major issue in boarding: habit. At Zapos, a shoe sales company, in the first month, the new employee must select the ten values ​​that represent him, making sure it fits Sapos’ vision. If it “doesn’t fit”, he could walk away with $ 2,000 (approximately 1,640 euros).

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