UK Corona Virus Live: Locking results threaten virus spike, ‘Christmas hopes to hang’ in next two weeks’, Sage warns

UK Corona Virus Live: Locking results threaten virus spike, 'Christmas hopes to hang' in next two weeks', Sage warns

A sage document dated November 4 stated: “If the UK returns to the same use of the tiring system before November 5, the exchange will return to the same rate as today.”

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JK Rowling: The release of Icabok gave me a purpose during the lockout

JK Rowling said writing about The Icabac during epidemics gave families a “sense of purpose” because they were concerned about the impact of the corona virus.

The Harry Potter writer encouraged BBC Radio 2 to publish a children’s book on how difficult it can be for families with children.

“It’s a terrible year for everyone,” he said.

Discussing his book, he added: ‘It gave me a specific purpose,’ It could help, it could do something ‘, because I’m married a doctor, and it feels like it’s not enough for you when an epidemic goes on.

“Looking at those who are key employees in my family, I go out and face everything. At the same time I was proud of everyone, but I care for them.”

Rowling said he is well aware of the challenges some families face.

“I know how difficult this can be for families with small children, especially people who do not have gardens.

“It’s very serious, caring for little kids, if they can’t have play dates.

“I was thinking, ‘This is going to be so hard for people.’ That’s when I thought I could do something.”

He added: “It gave me something under lock, otherwise I could never have been. It’s so inspiring.”

Icabac / Writer JK Rowling
( Icabac / Writer JK Rowling / JK Rowling Deborah Harford Brown’s Icabac Hatchet / Editorial Portrait )

A vaccine is ‘no different’ to the current wave

More from Sage Expert Professor Mickey:


The next two weeks are ‘important’ in ensuring locking results – expert

The government’s scientific adviser has warned that the next two weeks are “absolutely crucial” in ensuring that the UK’s corona virus lockout ends on December 2.

Professor Susan Michie, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Committee (Sage) on Emergencies, called on the public to oppose violations of current rules and to be “in a position” to spend the festive season with loved ones.

He suggested that announcing a possible Covid 19 vaccine would lead to complacency in action and that Jab would make “no difference” to the current wave.

This comes after documents released by Sage on Friday warned that infections could rise again if corona virus controls returned to the deployed system.

When asked what the current restrictions should be when the lock-up ends, Professor Mickey told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “It’s too soon to know. I think the next two weeks will be totally important.

“They are going to be very challenging for two weeks, partly because of the weather, partly because the promise of a vaccine will make people complacent.

“But the vaccine is unlikely to come until the end of the year or the beginning of next year, and it is not going to make any difference to the current second wave.

“So for the next two weeks, everyone has to put their resolution together.”


World Update: Greece tightens locks

Greek authorities have announced they will close nurseries and elementary schools until the end of November, tightening nationwide locks after an increase in corona virus cases.

Greece has done better than many European countries in dealing with the epidemic, mainly due to a nationwide lockout just weeks after the outbreak in February.

The gradual escalation of epidemics since early October has forced authorities to restructure controls and order a second nationwide lockout, which expires in late November and includes a night curfew from 9pm to 5am.

On Saturday, the government tightened measures, closing elementary schools and nurseries for the first two weeks from Monday.

A total of 3,038 new Covid 19 cases were registered in Greece yesterday. On Thursday it recorded 3,316 new infections and 50 deaths – the highest daily number ever recorded during an epidemic.


Here is the breakdown of the biggest news of the last 24 hours

Dominic Cummings left Downing Street after a power struggle that rocked Boris Johnson’s administration.

The prime minister’s chief adviser left No. 10 carrying a large box on Friday evening. This led to the resignation of Communications Director Lee Cain following a fierce confrontation.

With Sir Edward Lister standing as interim chairman of the staff pending a broad-based shake-up of Mr Johnson’s team, Vote Leave allies will release their announcement periods from home.

But why did Mr. Johnson’s right-hand man suddenly walk out? What does this mean for number 10? Here is what we know so far.


Austria is set to go into full lockout from Tuesday as the epidemic continues to rage across Europe.

The Austrian government has so far used a lighter link in dealing with the first wave of corona virus cases.

The night curfew is currently in effect in the country, from 8pm to 6am but shops are open, while cafes, bars and restaurants only carry the service.

Those measures have failed to prevent epidemics from accelerating. Daily new cases hit a record high of 9,586 yesterday – nine times the peak of the first wave.

In response, the country is set to switch to a full lockout from Tuesday, with plans to see Reuters show that the public will have to stay home all day with some exceptions, such as shopping or exercising.

Non-essential stores, like service providers such as hairdressers, will be closed. Intermediate schools have already become socially distance learning, but schools that are still open will do the same when providing childcare when needed.

President Sebastian Kurz is scheduled to hold a press conference at 3:30 pm today outlining the new restrictions.


World Update: Germany to prioritize care homes in vaccine roll-out

According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, coronaviruses are first and foremost used by nursing home workers and the people they care for.

Ms Merkel said in a weekly video address this morning that staff working in nursing homes would also “get priority” once they get the vaccine.

Nearly 1 million Germans live in nursing and nursing homes. The country is seeking to buy a 100 million dose of a vaccine developed by German pharmaceutical company Bioendech and US partner Pfizer.

Its disease control agency reported a further 22,461 confirmed Covid 19 cases and 178 additional deaths in the first 24 hours on Saturday.

Since the outbreak, Germany has recorded 773,556 confirmed cases and 12,378 deaths.


Happy Diwali to all our readers who celebrate during the lockout!

Here’s a message from the Mayor of London on why it’s important to follow the rules of the corona virus when enjoying festivals:


Can Cummings’ ouster help unite the government?

When Dominic Cummings took on the role of his senior adviser, parliament and the Conservative backbone felt they were “not listening,” said former Brexit secretary David Davis.

Mr Davis said comments about Mr Cummings in the BBC breakfast cabinet were “different”.

He said: “But of course Parliament felt that it was not being addressed.

“Parliament is a shadow of its former self anyway. You go there, you ‘ve got the number of people in a parish council, not a parliamentary meeting in general because of the corona virus issues.

“Nevertheless, I think the 1922 Committee felt that it had not been heard, and that the Tory backbenchers had not listened to them.”


What does Cummings’ departure mean to the government

Former Brexit secretary David Davis has said Dominic Cummings’ picture of him leaving Downing Street will help “restore” the Boris Johnson government.

He told the BBC Breakfast: “The photo will last the weekend and people will remember it, but it doesn’t matter.

“On one level, as I said, Boris wants to resettle the government. In a way, that photo is part of the restoration for him.”

Asked what the restructuring would be like, Mr Davis said: “The first thing is that there’s going to be some new staff at No. 10. He’s going to need a new leader, he’s going to be very talented, but not strict politics. Want to find out.

“Secondly, many of my colleagues in Parliament are looking forward to a new relationship with Parliament. The more open, the more involved with Parliament.”


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