The Deep House: The horror film against the backdrop of Arpex has released its trailer

The Deep House: The horror film against the backdrop of Arpex has released its trailer

Deep House

Alexandre Pustillo and Julianne Murray are announcing their big comeback with this trailer for their next horror film The Deep House in the context of diving and urban exploration.

Deep House -Office

Deep House -Office

Alexandre Pustillo and Julianne Murray were long overdue from the priority Leatherface, Unfortunately not entitled to a theatrical distribution. Reissued and released in a version rejected by the authors, however the film came after several abandoned projects Halloween2 (Finally taken by Rob Zombie) or RestartHellriser (Taken by David S. Goyer).

This time, the coordination of the directors, the most successful behind-the-scenes cinema expert Inside Or In the eyes of the living, Comes back with an ambitious and original plan. Deep House Brings together horror, paranormal events and diving.

Kamil Rowe (I want someone to wait somewhere for me) And James Jagger (Series Vinyl) Create an American pair that specializes in Urbex (urban research). The two decide to go explore a famous haunted house buried under an artificial lake, but it seems to close for them. They see the prisoners of this place full of dark stories.

This first trailer already reveals the suffocating situation. Very poorly lit, the views of the aquatic house promise to be terrifying and punctuation Jumpscares And screams.

Produced by Clement Misரrez and Matthew Warder for radar images, Deep House Produced jointly by Logical Pictures and Apollo Films, which is responsible for distribution in France.

This feature film has been added to the list of horror projects planned for this summer. In between Conjuring3 (June 9), Without sound2 (June 16), American Nightmare5 (August 4) or remake Candy man (August 25), many of them will try to thrill the French people.

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Let’s remember that Deep House Bustillo and Murray are not the only films yet to be released. There is also Gandhisha Whose trailer was released earlier this year. Although it does not have a release date yet, it is a modern variant Candy man, Sprinkled with North African culture.

Waiting, Deep House Scheduled for theaters on June 30, 2021.

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