Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin reveals his difficulties in completing the last volume of Saga

Game of Thrones: George R.R.  Martin reveals his difficulties in completing the last volume of Saga

George R.R. Martin’s life was not a long quiet river. In a message posted on his blog, the creator of “Game of Thrones” confirmed the progress of Saga’s 6th book, The Winds of Winter.

After recognizing it His blog The baptized “This is not a blog” is actually a blog, George R.R. Martin explained with his fans the sense of duty to maintain this communication mechanism. “What I consider to be a normal fun time and a way to stay in touch with my fans has become a blog (paradoxically at the same time everyone has pushed their blog in favor of Facebook and Twitter), which is a duty,” the author said.

If he had expressed his optimism a few weeks ago about the progress of writing The Winds of Winter, George R.R. Martin admits he has accumulated a lot of delays today. “A lot of things happen fast, I’m getting more and more late. At the moment I’m far away from the account and the thought of having to make up for this delay is oppressing me,” he reveals.

I must say that the life of the teacher has not been easy in recent months. George R. Govit-19, others from different diseases. “Honestly, it’s hard to get excited about a lifetime deal when you lose a loved one every two or three weeks. (2) Like many of my friends, I am old. Valar Morkulis, I think, ”says the 72-year-old writer.

Last February, George R.R. Martin said he had written hundreds of pages of The Winds of Winter, while he noted that he still had hundreds to write. Where is he today? “I don’t make any predictions when I think I’m done. Every time I do this, some idiots on the internet take it with a promise, and expect me to be crucified if I miss the deadline. I’m confident in everything I say,” he said. Martin.The next volume, A Dream of Spring Who to Deal With.

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