Rangers of the New Republic, the series canceled due to the Gina Carno controversy?

Star Wars, many years after its introduction, is enjoying a new life lease under the leadership of Disney. The company, which now owns Lucasfilm, has developed a new trilogy, two spin-offs, Rock One and Solo. Disney has also launched the Montessori company for Disney +, which already has two seasons, and The Bad Patch was recently released on stage. But the American company has been preparing other products delivered last December and a specific ranger for the New Republic. A series has now been canceled.

The cause will be linked to its lead actress who found herself at the heart of a major controversy.

Credit: Lucasfilm

This actress Gina Carano, who played Cara Doon in the film The Mandalorian, explains CPR.

A Star Wars series is scheduled for 2022

Star Wars fans may be disappointed. Questionable: New Republic Rangers series canceled. A cancellation linked to the expulsion of Gina Carono from Lucasfilm should focus on her character found in The Montalorian. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, broke the news of the cancellation for no apparent reason.

Note that Gina Carono was expelled from Lucasfilm after several controversial comments. Cara Toon’s translator took a stand against masks and vaccines in the midst of the Covid 19 epidemic, and later compared US policy to the Nazi regime. Disney did not allow the actress to be fired, at the same time she never hid her conservative positions.

But a new hope for Star Wars fans

But the Rangers of the New Republic will not be fully buried, which gives fans new hope. Rumor has it that production could resume when Disney gets their hands on a replacement for Gina Carono. He also told himself that the main character would simply be replaced by Hera Sindulla. A rebel character, against the empire, is in animated form in the Star Wars Rebellion.

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These project changes are not good news for Disney. As far as we know, the American company specializes in perfectionism (sometimes sick), limiting its schedule to the smallest detail. Drawing the castle from a Star Wars series is not good news for business.

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