Mythical Quest: Review 2.03 #YumYum – 2.04 Breaking the Brock

Have I ever told you that Ubisoft is hiding behind this series? In one of my reviews of Season 1, but I’m too lazy to search … Ubisoft – the characters often refer to when talking about ‘Montreal’ – is the signature time of the wonderful animations that appear from the time of its film and television branch. In the chapters. Because they put this set up, a completely fictional video game Mythical Quest: The Feast of Ravana As the central character of the series, Ubisoft is not going to tarnish its reputation by creating second-rate CGIs.

As with any self-respecting American ‘ensemble actors’ comedy (I do not find one equivalent in French), depending on the episode, the characters deserve a personal story therapy that may or may not affect the object of serving as a person. Background. So, if the story of David – in episode 203 – does not touch the storyline of the series, Brad – in episode 204 – may turn things around. These intimate things of the characters allow the teachers to have fun with the most mundane subjects (emotional emptiness, rivalry between siblings), and above all the remaining goal delights us.

In Episode 203, Brady (Danny Pudi) and David (David Hornsby) learn that Bobby (Charlotte Nikto) and Ian (Rob McLenny) are each creating an extension. This situation bothers David to compare the relationship between Poppy and Ian with the divorces he has experienced (with his parents and his own), and he goes to make up for it by trying to find a soul mate on the internet. Brad will help David with his creativity, but if his intentions are commendable, the methods he uses will be minimal. Meanwhile, Poppy puts pressure on his directors, and he, along with Ian, creates an extension he vows never to include in the game. According to Joe (Jesse Ennis), he is CW (F. Murray Abraham).) To leave the legal Improcle with his editor.

In Episode 204, Financial Shark Zack (Parvez China) comes to celebrate his little brother Brad’s birthday with lots of cakes, balloons and surprises. Brad, whose birthday is not yet known, knows his brother well enough to know that there is a whale under a rock: the success of Poppy’s expansion has significantly increased the game’s sales, and Zack wants to pick it up. From Brad’s company. Meanwhile, on a road in California, Bobby and Ian have rich problems: Driving a German sports car with an engine gearbox is no easy task!

In both of these chapters we do not laugh openly, but there is humor, sometimes ridiculous, often cynical and always clever. The quality is geek-targeted entertainment, but it meets the expectations of sitcom fans.


- Chapter : 2.03 – 2.04
- Bonds : #YumYum – Breaking Brad
- First broadcast date : 14 & 21 May 2021 (Apple TV +)
- Director : Angela Barnes
- Screenwriters : John Howell Harris, Keona Taylor

Trailer – Extras

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