Bitcoin Pizza Day: They give 10,000 pizzas and $ pizza to Argentina to start saving

Bitcoin Pizza Day: They give 10,000 pizzas and $ pizza to Argentina to start saving

Every May 22, the Global Crypto Environment Organization commemorates an event in 2010: Programmer Laszlo Honeyx made the first transaction with Bitcoin (PTC) and paid 10,000 pizzas for two pizzas..

This day is called “Bitcoin Pizza DayIt is still remembered today.

Then 10,000 PTC was valued at US $ 41, and today only one PTC is trading at US $ 41,000. This means that 11 years later, in 2021, the two pizzas will be worth just over $ 400 million.

What happened that day? Through the Bitcoin Talk Forum, the main gathering place for Bitcoins at the time, Honeyx released a message saying he wanted two pizzas and promised to pay for food and shipping. P.D.C. 10.000.

“I’ll pay 10,000 bitcoins for one or two pizzas… maybe 2 bigger, so there are a few dimensions for the next day. I want to leave the pizza later. You can make your own pizza and bring it to my house or order it at the pizzeria, but What I am looking for is that they feed me in exchange for bitcoins, I have to order them or prepare them myself, order a ‘breakfast’ at a hotel or something like that, they bring you something to eat, you’re happy, ”the programmer wrote in the forum.

The event also took place in Florida The programmer received two pizzas from the famous American pizza chain Papa Jones. However, Honeyx only wanted to exchange food for bitcoins and set the amount to a round number: 10,000 bitcoins.

“Pizza-transaction” is common, and as a result, it is possible to verify that the holder of 10,000 Bitcoins 17SkEw2md5avVNyYgj6RiXuQKNwkXaxFyQ wallet changed from 10,000 jetcos to “jerkos”.

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Hynex’s transaction: 10,000 pdc for two pizzas.

From this fact, every May 22nd “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, The most popular transactions in the world bring benefits to their users. In this case, Advertisements will also reach Argentina. It can be used to advantage.

Bitcoin Pizza Day: How to use it from Argentina

Dicrypto, The local cryptocurrency exchange, announced it Will offer 10,000 pizzas to all new users who register on the platform. In addition, they launched a campaign so that pizza recipients could share the prize on social networks and participate in Bitcoin for $ 3,000.

Finally, the Exchange Serving 10,000 pizzas, In alliance with Robbie And two companies already registered on the platform.

Some foreign companies also have shares. Accounting Introduced a special ad that can be used by users collecting the five main ingredients of pizza.

More than 200 winners and prizes will exceed $ 22,000. To participate, you must make transactions in USDT for US $ 100, with a staple coin dollar or trading futures for US $ 3,000.

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