Big relaunch of “Navitel Navigator” for Android

Big relaunch of "Navitel Navigator" for Android

Navitel has announced the release of a major update to the “Navitel Navigator” navigation app for devices based on the Android operating system.

Navitel Navigator version 11 offers a completely redesigned interface and extended functionality.

For Android

The main menu of the application shows frequently used parameters such as “Traffic”, “Sound”, “Settings”, “Maps”, “Travel History”, “Routes” and more. The developers dropped the top menu bar, making it easier to use the smartphone while the application window was active.

For Android

Added voice search function. The access to the search is executed as a line on the main screen of the program – above the area map. The update hears about upcoming maneuvers, cameras and road events alerts on the affected audio track, which will now be active even when the application window is lowered.

For Android

The search for “points of interest” is optimal. All POIs are categorized and placed in the form of icons under the search bar. The search engine had a category of “traffic” of “places of interest” that would help you quickly find airports, metro stations, train stations and ports.

For Android

Another invention is available for a fee – the functionality of the program on the windshield. On the car’s windshield you can see information about the car’s current speed, speed limits on this part of the road, the upcoming maneuver and the time it takes to reach the final lane of the road.

For Android

Navitel Navigator version 11 is already available for download Google Games.

For Android

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