14-Core Intel Alter Lake-B Geekbench 5 Raison 9 5900HI Appears

By software standardization Geekbench5 Several tests of a processor are shown Intel Alter Lake-B With configuration of 14 cores. This processor stated the first criterion yesterday, however from the first test, until the last test shown today, the CPU showed significant performance improvements, and it should be noted that we are still facing an engineering model.

In particular, we see a model 14 cores and 20 threads for laptops, Which translates 6 high performance cores (Golden Cove) Con Hyper Threading +8 efficient cores (Grossmond), thus adding those 14 cores and 20 texts, making it the most powerful configuration found on laptops, unlike the 8 + 8 cores for desktop computers.

In particular, we know that at least it goes to a fundamental frequency 1.40 GHz, Used an energy program Symmetrical, It had less than 64GB of DDR5 RAM.

Intel Alter Lake 740x337 0

It gave a mononucleus score in the first performance test 1029 points About that 7056 points Multicore. For reference, AMD’s current top-of-the-line CPU for notebooks, The Raison 9 5900 h Round 1500 points Mononucleus and 8800 points Multicore Media. After all, the recently released test already indicates a key performance 1298/9040 points. With the increase in frequencies it is necessary to wait for it to outperform the AMD CPU in single core performance.

Specifically for desktop CPUs, The single core performance works just like a Raison 9 3950X, And about this in multigore 20 percent slower than the Core i9-10900K 10-core high performance with 125W TDP.

Now things are so beautiful, you have to remember it This is an engineering model, I did not use the high performance power system, of course you should see if Windows 10 does its job better when managing high / low performance cores.

Architecture Updated 10nm Superfin Updated 10nm Superfin
Walkway Alter Lake-S Alter Lake-B
Nuclei Golden Cove + Gresmond Golden Cove + Gresmond
Maximum core configuration 16 cores (8 + 8) + 24 threads 14 cores (6 + 8) + 20 threads
Graphics Intel Xe GT1 (32 EUs) Intel Xe GT2 (64 EUs)
PCI Express Gen5 + Gen4 Gen4 + Gen3

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