Tip # 16: If you use GPS and take pictures on your phone, thank you Astronomy - 05/21/2021

Tip # 16: If you use GPS and take pictures on your phone, thank you Astronomy – 05/21/2021

You may not even realize it, but astronomy affects our daily lives in many ways. One of them is the number of discoveries that will make our lives easier and arose because of this science.

To talk about why astronomy is important, the 16th episode of the podcast “Du Tilt” got Patricia Spinelli, a doctor in astronomical physics and researcher at the Mast (Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences), and Diego Gonlovs, a doctor. Professor of Astrophysics, UFRJ and Communication Coordinator of the Brazilian Astronomical Society. They discussed the matter with reporter Gilherm Tagiroli சாய், In the 16th chapter of our science and technology podcast.

Listen to the entire episode in the player above.

In fact, did you know that GPS and digital photography came out due to astronomy? According to Diego Conewolves, these are two examples of mass consumption devices primarily created to serve science (hear from 19:24).

“The relative relativity with GPS satellites depends on the triangle of application and digital cameras were perfected by astronomers, precisely because we needed a tool that was sensitive to observe the most distant objects in the universe,” he explained.

According to Patricia Spinelli, society does not need to do science with this applied view, but, in the end, technological advances apply to everyone to the extent that astronomy does not seek immediate answers to mankind (ask from 11:50).

“We have enough evidence to show that even astronomy contributes to the well-being of people,” he said.

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