Taiwan launches a diplomatic army to hunt down the Kovit-19 vaccine

Taiwan launches a diplomatic army to hunt down the Kovit-19 vaccine

With the sudden increase in the number of infections, Taiwan is mobilizing diplomatic officials to search for all available Kovit-19 vaccine sources available on the island.

“We are in talks to achieve the goal of getting the vaccine,” Dew My Cam, the US envoy to Taiwan, said in an interview today. Joe Biden Plan to deliver to the world.

Ms Dewey explained that the purchase of the vaccine was the responsibility of Taiwanese health officials, but that her office was working to negotiate with the United States to expedite the distribution.

Earlier, President Biden announced that the United States would provide 80 million doses of Covit-19 vaccine to other countries and territories over the next six weeks through the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Kovacs program.

Soldiers disinfect a train station in Taipei, Taiwan today.  Photo: Reuters.

Soldiers disinfect a train station in Taipei, Taiwan today. Image: Reuters.

According to an unnamed source with knowledge of the matter, the U.S. government is helping Taiwan coordinate with vaccine manufacturers.

Ms. as part of Taiwan’s efforts to mobilize diplomatic officials around the world to accelerate negotiations to ensure the rapid delivery of the Kovit-19 vaccine to the island. In the context of the island’s new epidemics, it is considered an urgent task for Taiwanese diplomats, while less than 1% of the population has been vaccinated.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen today expressed confidence in the use of self-developed Covit-19 vaccines by the end of July, and imported vaccines are also coming. “The number of vaccines we buy will come gradually through multiple channels. Everybody, please don’t worry,” he said.

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Taiwan has ordered 20 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, mainly from AstraZeneca, in addition to Moderna. The island is expected to receive more than 1 million AstraZeneca through the Kovacs project. According to a source, Taiwanese diplomats in Germany are in talks with US-based Pfizer, a biotechnology company that is developing the Covid 19 vaccine.

However, so far, Taiwan has only received about 300,000 doses of the estrogen vaccine for more than 23 million people, and this supply is rapidly declining.

Meanwhile, the world’s anti-Covid 19 model Taiwan last week registered more than 700 new community nCoV infections, prompting the Taipei government to take control measures. People were amazed because they were used to almost normal life thanks to successful epidemic control. The current number of nCoV infections in Taiwan is 2,260, including 14 deaths.

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